Nara Dreamland

Nara Dreamland was a theme park in Nara, Japan which was built in 1961 and modelled after Disneyland in California. Resembling a real life Spirited Away, this gloomy theme park was destined for failure, and due to the fact that it was an extremely cheap copy, it didn’t have much success and was pretty much a ghost town before it closed down permanently many years ago. Since being abandoned, the dodgy theme park owners put up nasty spiked fences and barbed wire around the whole park hoping to keep urban explorers out. I had read rumors online that the place was heavily guarded, and very few had managed to spend a significant amount of time in there since it’s closing. However, that didn’t stop us from finding a way in and getting some great photos.

We spent 4 hours exploring this incredible place, and we couldn’t have asked for a better day. There were still areas of the park that were next to impossible to get to no matter how hard we tried. The main entrance, filled with shops, restaurants, makeshift police and fire stations, ticket booths and even a public hall was showing clear signs that the plant life wanted back what was once theirs.

The bumper cars, screw coaster, merry-go-round and even Japan’s largest wooden roller coaster were still intact and almost tempting to climb aboard. Upon entering the arcade it was clear that people had had their way with this deserted place, and managed to scrounge for everything they could leaving nothing of value behind. What was once a paradise for some, now lies in ruins, and is slowly being destroyed by the elements. Who knows how long it will be around before someone or something reclaims it.